Vegan Fashion Wishlist

As I slowly transition into veganism (it's early days though) I thought I should really should consider my style. The main areas of concern for me were leather and wool. I don't really wear silk, shearling, fur or animal skins. I know there are more animals used in the clothing industry but I don't want to waste any more time listing them all. Here's a link if you're interested. Leather was always engrained my brain as a badass material that just made me cooler. However after watching Earthlings and seeing the truth behind how leather is produced it lost it's appeal. There are so many faux leather options and they're always cheaper! As for wool (for warmth in the winter) I can use flannel and acrylic. I just have to be more diligent about checking tags, shop around more and look into thrift shops more. It's worth it.

In my head I see myself wearing this a netted/mesh long sleeve dress, over a plain crop top, black trousers with creepers and jean vest in Spring/Summer and it looks awesome so that's gives you an idea where my head was when I created this image. I've added a faux leather jacket instead because it's still winter here plus it is classic. Remember when the internet was obsessed with American Apparel disco/riding pants? God that was like 4 - 5 years ago. I still want riding pants. They're sleek, slimming and always a good alternative to jeans. I wear jeans all the time when I leave the house 

Boots, creepers and flats, Covered all the bases here. I didn't know underground did a vegan leather creeper but I am so happy to have found them because I love underground! I added two versions because I'm chill like that. Pumps are casual, versatile and comfortable. I did look on the Doc Martens site because I knew they had vegan options but no dice. I was never found of the 1460 style so I looked elsewhere and happened on these amazing vegan boots! They look so badass! If they ever bring out a vegan Jadon boot I am so there.

Do you have any speciality vegan fashion shops you go to or are you just very diligent about label checking?


  1. You look gorgeous! You follow all of the trends of the moment.

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  2. Wow, cool! I think you must be a fashion beauty. Nice!

    ^_^ dressofficial


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