Collage + Jan Updates

I think I'm going to start doing updates on how I've been doing each month. It'll help me to be more positive, remembering what I've accomplished that month. Also if I only make one collage it's a place to showcase it and break up the text post.

January Successes
  • I feel better mentally and physically.
  • Meditation and yoga are working for me.
  • Transitioning to a plant based diet hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be.
  • Had a job interview! So happy.
  • I've read a few graphic novels this month.

February Goals
  • Continue reading daily even if it's only 1-2 pages a day.
  • Hopefully find a job this month.
  • Go to the gym! At least 4 times. That's once a week. It's doable for sure.
  • Blog at least four times this month. Get into the routine man!
  • Keep my plant based diet going!
  • (Hopefully get something pierced.)
What has the first month of 2016 been like for you? I love hearing from you guys. Onwards and upwards!

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