Top 10 blogs

Le Happy - Luanna Perez is my favourite personal style blogger. I discovered Lua on lookbook in like 2011 or something back when I had another blog and actually had a lookbook account and she was just grunge perfection. She had her creepers, dip dye hair, velvet leggings and perfect photography. I was just like "wow", to this day, she's the standard I judge other fashion blogs by. She is consistent, she's beautiful and I love her style. If you like grunge, 90's, plaid then you probably know about Lua, let's be real.

Pyrrhics - Where Lua is grunge, casual, every day style inspiration Lynn Nguyen has more high fashion edge to her. She defines transitional style to me meaning that she bounces around different styles like preppy put together looks to gothic beautifulness to casual coolness and she wears them all confidently.

Feral Creature - Eugenie Grey only recently became a blogger but she's blowing me away with her awesome style. She wears a lot of black and white, has an edgy alternative style most days but she can style it up and wear more tailored, dressed up looks.

Love Aesthetics - I think Ivania Carpio was one of the first minimalist style bloggers I came across and she's just on a whole other level. It's so clean and crisp and simple. I wish I could emulate her style, just throw myself into black minimalism 100% and just create that capsule wardrobe and never think about clothes again. I go on her blog and everything is just right. Whatever she posts, it just calms me. Her imagery is so simple and focused.

Into Mind - This blog is minimalism galore. The site is run by Anuschka and she posts a lot of guides abour minimalism: An intro to minimalism, 30 day minimalism challenge and many wardrobe perfecting posts. If you need a practical guide to minimalism I recommend this site.

Jenny Purr - I love this blog for advice on blogging and any creative endeavours. Jenny has it locked down and she makes me feel like one day I could become that artist (freelance photographer/collage artist/full time blogger) that I want to be. Her posts are interesting, thought provoking and helpful.

Marc and angel hack life - Marc and Angel post regular general advice lists about things like happiness, relationships and productivity. It's all the advice you ever needed in one place.

A Beautiful Mess - I came across A Beautiful Mess years ago searching for self portrait guides and I came across this post and I was hooked. I think I read all the posts regarding photography consecutively. Now I'm gonna be honest I only really read Elise's photography and scrapbooking posts. The site posts about a lot of different blogging niches like home renovations, recipes, hair and make up tutorials.

Julia Trotti - The photography this girl produces is just breathtaking. Makes me want a Canon Mark III or whatever high end camera she uses. She makes a road trip look like some magical journey into some perfect world. 

Bleaq - This is an inspirational website that posts the work of artists focusing on darker/gothic influenced work. A definite inspiration to me personally. It's like a paired down version of my flickr feed. Pretty much every photographer posted has blown me away.

Who are your favourite bloggers?



Chromat was been blowing up my instagram feed over NYFW and it caught my eye for sure. I honestly do not follow high end designers and I have not fallen in love with a designer since Yeha Leung (and one day she will get her own post) but Beeca McCharen has something that just speaks to me. The structured quality to the pieces, the latex, the leather, I was eye-gasming all over the website. Also their runway show used a variety of sizes including real plus size women and women of colour. Awesome. This is a total fantasy wishlist (and unless you are mega rich I'd say don't pay too much attention to the prices) but ONE DAY I will buy 50% of the website and tailor it to my body.

My favourites from the site include this top. Technically a swimsuit top (and all the swimsuits are awesome) but I am going to view it as a duel item. Versatility is key with expensive purchases. The simple, design with cut outs on the side make the top more intriguing and a basic item of clothing with some style.

This jacket would function as a top for me because the design needs to have centre stage. I love the structured collar with the exposed panels. It does have an exposed zipper which works.

The metal bralet gives me cyborg vibes and I love it. It takes bralets to the next level by adding a futuristic elements. I love that it incorporates metal into the garment because it means that I don't have to wear jewellery.



Reading Update #3

I'm not going to lie. I am dragging my feet a little with the last leg of my reading challenge. I have started three of the four books on my list but none of them are captivating me. Not 1984, not Gone Girl nor Creative Confidence. But fear not I am still reading. I'm reading Harry Potter series and I've almost finished the Philosopher's Stone and I am loving it. Here are some things that help me if I'm struggling to get through a book.

Shorten your daily page goal 
If you have a big goal like to read 50 pages a day or one chapter (and the book you're reading has super long chapters) then bring that goal down. You're still progressing regardless of how slow you go. My goal is to read 10 pages a day, every day. Super chill goal and easy to accomplish and that's the point. Lower the bar so you cannot fail.

Read in short bursts throughout the day
I work long shifts and I try to squeeze other things in my personal life so reading for 10 minutes a couple of times a day, like in between breakfast and leaving the house, while commuting to work, on my lunch break and obviously before I go to sleep are ways to get to my reading goal.

Read for pleasure alone
If you have a reading goal or challenge and you cannot progress then switch gears and read a book that really intrigues you and you want to read. I know it sounds obvious and weird to say read something you want but anything to remember your passion for reading.

What do you do to get out of a reading slump?


Minimalist Offices Inspiration

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(if any of these are incorrectly sourced then let me know!)

Just beautiful, I feel calmer just looking at these clean open spaces. My ideal office space would have white walls, a neutral colour palette of whites, greys, silvers and blacks, lots of windows, two desks, one for my digital production (a desktop computer) and one for physical crafting (a la Austin Kleon's advice) and small wall mounted mood board for extra inspiration. I'm vaguely acquainted with pinterest and I use it mostly to find minimalist spaces and quotes. These are my favourites of the minimalist offices from my pinterest searches. If you have any good minimalism boards recommendations then let me know! I can never have enough.


Work Out Style

Gym 2.0

So it's new year and everyone wants to go to the gym. I'm gonna be honest here, when I'm working out at a gym I wanna look good. Sure I wanna get healthy, toned and lose weight (and I won't look good at the end of the workout) but I still want my style on point. I've had my gym membership for like a year and when I first started going I saw everyone decked out in their matching outfits and nike free runs it made me feel even more self conscious which sucked. I am thankful I don't work 9 - 5 cause 5 - 6pm is the worst time to go to the gym. It'll be packed, they're be no lockers and no space to really get into your workout. I tend to go to the gym on my days off around midday or after work in the evenings so around 8pm. I honestly don't understand how people go to the gym before work. *salutes* It's tiring just considering doing yoga before I shower on a morning but you gotta figure out what works for you. Anyway onto me deconstructing my sport gear:

Sports Bra - A properly fitted sports bra is essential. Seriously, get bra fittings regularly. Your body's always fluctuating so your bra size will go up and down especially if you're actively trying to lose weight.

Lightweight Vest or T-shirt - Obviously at the start I'm not feel comfortable just rocking out with my sports bra on so I put on a vest top. p.s. grey is the worst colour to wear when you're sweating cause it just shows everything.

Leggings - Embrace the one place the world where I won't be judged for wearing leggings as pants (but really wear leggings wherever you want). They're unrestrictive and show off your form.

Trainers - I have flat and wide feet so I need to make sure my trainers are comfortable and give me the support I need so I don't get shin splints or damage any other muscles.

Water Bottle - I carry a bottle of water with me everywhere (because water is life) so why not jazz it up and get a matching black sports bottle just for the gym? Feel fancy and rehydrate. Win-win.

Also you need a bag to fit all your stuff in. I use a backpack right now but it always feels so cramped with my shoes in there. I need to upgrade. You'll also need music, make a super upbeat dance playlist with at least 50 songs on it (or find one on spotify) and shuffle it when you work out. 


Film VII - Snow

Took some shots in the snow the other day.


Ideal Work Uniform

Studio Wear

Ok so I have dreamer of being a photographer I also wanna dabble in things like collage, painting and pretty much all types of art so what the hell am I going to wear while creating magnificent artwork? This outfit. It is is simple, clean and so sleek, perfect uniform to put me in the work mindset. I've read that when you work from home a lot it can be difficult to separate your home life from work so having a dedicated space and a uniform helps your brain to separate the two. Is it bordering on procrastination to focus on what I'd wear as an artist than actually spend time becoming an artist? Maybe... but it is helping me visualise my future and that is way healthier than thinking you have no future. Do you have an work outfit for your creative endeavours? If so tell me what!
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