Dressing up (but staying in)

jacket - topshop, shirt - asos, skirt - depop

Sometimes you just want to feel badass but really don't want to leave the house? Introvert/hermit problems anyway I bought these items a while ago and felt really good today so I decided to put them even though I'm lounging around the house watching Buffy on netflix and listening to podcasts. I feel good, I wanna look good even if I'm the only one who sees it. My opinion of myself is the most important after all. Are you "guilty" of dressing up just to stay in? If yes then *high five* because feeling good is enough of a reason to do anything. Banish the guilt!


Black & Icy

While in full out grinch mode I created this chilled out outfit. Warm sweaters are a must and I love fluffy, fleecy textures. They are fun to touch. I paired it with these patchwork looking plaid trousers and jadon boots. I've already established my love of Jadons so you'll understand why these were the boots of choice. Am I the only one who kind of wants to cry when the sunlight during the day just isn't strong enough? I just want to turn the brightness in real life here but sadly I can't. I normally look at all the glitzy, shiny christmas party gear to distract myself but it's not working this year. I could only find one skirt in the shiny/metallic/sparkly category that I liked. Maybe creating a christmas wishlist will distract me for a little.


November Collaging

Since I'm kind of in a funk blogging wise I will attempt to add more art in here. One post a week of a collage of some kind. Hopefully it will spark my motivation. The real constraint is time but I still want to blog. When I'm looking for inspiration the blog Bleaq always works. Where do you find artistic inspiration? The first one kind of mimics the layout of a scrapbook or art journal page which I love. Lana's somber music mirrors my own headspace and Carmen was always one of my favourite songs. The second was just more relaxed and I have no description for it.
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