I think mirrors are the perfect symbol for the mind. It's all an illusion, a reflection of the world but it can be warped by a number of things. It encapsulates you for a moment but it's not a perfect reflection. It gives a perspective but if I look at myself from one angle for too long it can become tiring and draining. I need to step back from it. I tend to ignore mirrors or glance and move along but I can't ignore my mind.

I'm doing a lot of thinking about the lack of time for creativity in my life and how that has affected my mood overall. I have a roll in my film camera that's half used, sometimes I think 36 frames is too much. 24 seems more manageable to me. I don't want to waste shots just to complete a roll since film is expensive to buy and develop but that's just part of the process to grow and learn as an artist. Gotta make mistakes. I might try out some 35mm colour film. I need to purchase more instant film as well. I recently saw a post on a beautiful mess about collage/scrapbooking and it reminded me of how much I want to start doing that. I collage digitally (rarely nowadays) but would also like to physically create little art books or scrapbooks of collages. I want as many creative outlets as possible.


Polaroids V

First shots in the magic hour! I shot these at about 6pm and it was getting a little too dark. The sun's already setting at like 3pm - 4pm. Hopefully on my next day off I can get more shots like these. I love shadows and light.


ASOS Coats

Winter in England varies.  Some days it'll just be icy cold and dry, some days it'll be foggy, rainy and all around wet and other days it might be more than 6 degrees so unseasonably warm. The news gets very dramatic when we break some record like "this was the wettest winter since records began!!" It fun to laugh at the dramatics. Anyway here are the coats that should help me through that.

Wool Coat
First a a warm wool coat is essential. I love double breasted coats. A full length wool coat would be better but I couldn't find one within my budget. I wear long johns underneath everything once October hits so a thigh length coat is totally fine for me. Notice the collar, a coat with a good collar that covers the neck is always a good bonus if you're caught without a scarf or to help add insulation to the scarf you're already wearing.

Waterproof Parka Coat
Second is a waterproof coat. Most of the cheaper ones are thin and what I like to do is size up so I can fit a few jumpers/sweaters underneath to keep the cold out. Alternatively you can double up and find a waterproof coat with inner shearling and you're covered on wet and wintery days i.e. all of English winter. Most lined coats I've seen are denim or biker jackets and they're ok but not made of that water resistant fabric like most rain coats are.

Duster Coat 
Finally a duster coat is a good transitional coat between summer and autumn. That time has passed but it also could double as a lightweight coat for nights out, it will cover you up but not be heavy to lug around if you're bar hopping.

Have you sorted out your winter coat yet?
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