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View through a bus window taken on iPhone 5c. You can see more on my flickr


Outfit Ideas For Autumn and Winter

My Style #75

My Style #76

My Style #76

Just a couple of outfit ideas I have for the changing weather. The message is layer, layer, layer (but also that I love vans). I hate feeling cold so I need as much warmth as possible. I've heard thin layers are better at retaining warmth plus they you can still move normally. It make seem like I'm already in winter mode but it is going to be a cold, long winter and I know it won't be long until I'm in the thick of it.


Polaroid III

More instant photos! Some shots came out really well and I'm glad that the dark shot of the back street was kind of saved when I scanned it. I really liked that shot. I need to experiment more.


August Wishlist

check jacket - £45
black blazer - £27

I have been trying to be more body positive and body confident and actually buying the stuff I want instead of waiting for some unattainable "thinness" and it has really been helping. I have quite a few new items from asos and here is my wishlist for jackets. I have been asos crazy lately. I have one topshop leather jacket but the sleeves are too tight and because asos has free returns and more importantly exchanges I would want to make sure my next one is perfect. This jacket could be it but I shall wait and see. Check is a staple pattern for me and on a lazy all black outfit day this jacket would pep it up. Finally we have a plain black blazer, it's classic, it's effortless and I need it in my life.



Grid or windowpane print has been on my radar for a while. It combines black and white in a new way. Not as loud as houndstooth, dogtooth or traditional plaids yet more interesting that pure monochrome colour blocking. A subtle way to spice up every day outfits. Definitely will be adding it to my wardrobe.



crop top - depop (originally primark) & dress - motel rocks

Just a few new things I've bought from depop. I love depop. I think everyone can wear crop tops and I have a stomach. Wear anything you want! And a velvet maxi dress? It is so me that I had to have it.

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