Denim Jacket

denim jacket - £45 from blue rinse vintage

A new denim jacket and instant pictures? YES. I got a fuji instax 210. I know in my wishlist I said I wanted the mini 8 but then I was like "the 210 has bigger images" and bigger is always better. There really is something about watching it comes out and develop ~before your eyes~. It's an experience and it's tangible. I'm already hooked. Instant photography is holistic, you conceive the photo, take it and have it develop all within the space of minutes. I have to stop myself saying "polaroid" because this is fuji instax not polaroid but that word is so synonymous with instant photography that I just do it without thinking. I did want a polaroid camera from impossible project but the cost of their film put me off big time. I can feel myself carrying this with me everywhere even though it is huge. It's light but big.

Now onto the jacket. I remember when I was like 9-ish and I swore I threw away my blue denim jacket saying I was never going to have another denim jacket. Younger Shari-Ann didn't understand. A black denim jacket is a staple! It's cool, it's casual and it's durable. It was £45 which is steep but it is Levi's. Vintage shops do have a tendency to crank up the prices but it was worth it in this instance. I went browsing hoping to find some cute crop tops or cool band tees in the men's section but no dice this time. 


Dressing for sunshine

Asos always satiates my window shopping bug. I was in the mood to look for summer dresses so that's where I went. Whether it's sexy, simple, interesting or "girly" I want my summer dress to be sheer and lightweight. It must be lightweight if it's black because goths have to keep cool in the heat. I'm still trying to get the nack for finding bargains on asos marketplace, I feel like I'd need to look into the depop app but I need a new ipod first and I'm undecided if I want a new ipod or a polaroid camera. Really I want both but I can't afford both.



Primark shirt - £8

I got this shirt and bodysuit the other day. This body gave me life. I want as many bodies as possible. I am on a mission to do so now. My wardrobe is in need of a massive reboot in general and I don't know what I'm waiting for, I should just do it now.

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