I just shot these on my digital camera today. I didn't have a set idea for these images, I just shot and didn't try to force a meaning. I wanted to post today either I was going to post this or I was going to post about a rain coat because English weather today has been miserable today. My drive to photograph is so fleeting and I need to work on it. I took these pictures in my house, transferred them and edited them in like 30 minutes. This whole process reminded me of a project I did at university, it was during my first year and it was a self portrait. It was my "best" work. Ironically it was the work I did because it was a solo project and commercial filmmaking is collaborative and that goes against my way of working right now. I had shunted experimental film as fine art. I I don't want to make art yet. 2 years after scoffing at it I have become that person that would watch the artist film in the art galleries. I would want to go to art galleries in general to become inspired. These pictures remind me of storyboards for a potential film or simply film stills and I really like that.


Film #1

Shot on Canon AE1 with Ilford HP5 35mm film

So I successful took some film photos, got them developed and scanned them and here is the result! These are shots around Leeds I took on a random day. I did edit them a little in photoshop but what do you guys think? I like them and I look forward to making more film pictures. I need to get some more 35mm film!


May Wishlist

Unif T Shirt - $65 (£38.50)

A few days into May and I'm already dreaming of what I would like to add to my wardrobe. Is British Summertime here? The clocks certainly went forward 2 months ago but the weather is still as unpredictable as always. It was a beautiful bank holiday Monday, I was stuck at work but it looked nice then it became grey and overcast and rained from 5pm onwards. The day came to a quiet end after that and I was thankful for that. 

Onto the fashion here we have an unif shirt that mocks the Joy Division unknown pleasures album art that seemed to take over the online grunge world for a while. It was everywhere and this playful spin of it hits my sarcastic and blunt nature. I like a gutsy graphic tee. I did vaguely consider buying one of those Joy Division shirts/knock offs and even tried to listen to their music, I do love a new dawn fades but felt a bit try hard so I moved on.

This leather ASOS backpack has been in my save for later items list for months and I still want it. I am overdue for a new backpack and this one seems perfect. It's leather, it seems spacious and it's slouchy. I don't think I really need to justify a backpack, I just need to bite the bullet and spend the £££ on it.

Are we all still stuck in loving ugly shoes? I am. Not many shoes make my wide feet look attractive so why not just play it up and wear super ugly shoes? These Shelly London shoes play on the both the ugly shoe trend, the flatform trend (is that still a trend?) and the monochrome trend. A trifecta. What's not to love about them? Classic colours, simple design yet bold enough to not be drab.

A high waisted short could only mean summer. A pair of shorts paired with tights signifies that summer is in your heart but the reality of British weather is in your mind and that's what I have to remind myself of when I see all these nice summer clothes lining the racks in high street stores. This whole post makes a really good outfit. All I need is a jacket. Are you in summer mode yet?
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