I am so sorry I have been MIA but I am here to explain. I have been trying to take photos, film photographs around the city for the past few weeks but I have been incorrectly rewinding the film so I have destroyed two rolls. It has bummed me out so bad. I was excited to see them, to scan them and ultimately to post them here. I had film shots from London I took both my film and my digital camera and you've seen the digital ones here but I light flooded that roll so it was useless. I had photos from yesterday but I ruined those as well. I am trying to get my shit together but clearly I'm still learning, fingers crossed my May posts are way better than the few I posted in April. In other news this is my newest tattoo. Super cool right? It's about 9 days old now and I love it. It was done by Robert Ashby if you're interested. He works at Off Key Tattoo in Birmingham. I'm getting another one soon by Tamara Lee. So pumped for that. I apologise for the quality of these photos but I thought webcam pics were better than just a text update. 



All these pictures are from google images

Ripped or distressed jeans/short are back in a big way this year and I am all for it. I've always liked them but it's kind of taking over my mind right now. They give jeans the ultimate worn in, loved to death look and I am all for that. I invest in good jeans so I would wear them until they literally fall apart so why not enjoy every stage of the evolution? I used think bought pre-ripped jeans was kind of odd but if you wanna rock jeans that you bought brand new that look about 5 years old then go for it. If you wear your jeans until they rip and tear, awesome. If you wanna buy cheap jeans and distress them to death with a cheese grater, go for it. I'm not judging anyone's choice here. What do you think of distressed jeans?


Ivory Jar

Ivory Jar are a brand I discovered through other bloggers and follow on tumblr. They have that niche neo-grunge and goth look down and that basically my kind of style.

Black shirts are great foundation pieces to any outfit. Tuck them into a pair of black trousers and some loafers and it's a put together outfit with no effort. The opaque and sheer versions show both sides of my personality: the daring and the casual. The shirts are both are oversized, a silhouette I've come to appreciate for it's ability to drape over the body and give a relaxed look. Remember when studded collars were everywhere on every shirt? I think this was the best iteration of it. I also think a studded collar is more wearable version of a studded choker (I still kinda wanna own a choker though).

This is one of those perfect leather jackets I wanna have. I want like three or four leather jackets cause they can look so different. This one would be the top of my list of things to get. Studs may be over as a trend but they are a staple in my ideal wardrobe. Studs just make everything more dangerous and badass and now they've stopped being overexposed us ultra cool babes that loved studs in our hearts can keep rocking them on our clothes. 

Body harnesses are something I want to try. They give that dominatrix vibe which is on the extreme side of fashion that I love. Those paired with a simple white crop top and high waisted pants for a basic outfit with a twist. Most use a statement necklace but that's so expected it bores me. This is a refreshing change. Do you like Ivory Jar?



River Island Black coated slip on plimsolls

It took one tumblr image to change my mind on the plimsoll trend. Now in the internet world of "sourceless" images and lazy bloggers I looked through several tumblr posts to try and find the source of that image and hopefully information on the shoes but atlas even the source post didn't detail the items. So frustrating but after all my internet trawling I think they were originally Celine shoes and that those shoe sold out a long time ago as did the River Island shoes above. Damn my lateness on this trend. I was both ahead and behind on this trend. Contradictory but lemme explain, I'd loved the slip on shoe look since my teens being a vans fan but I didn't really find this trend that appealing when it emerged on fashion blogs recently. I dunno I just kinda blew it off but they're leather and their flats, why the hell didn't I jump on it immediately?! Asos and topshop both have their interpretations of it and I'd seen the topshop ones on many, many blogs. Alas both the real mccoy and even the leather slip on vans are just a distant memory. I should rename my blog "fashion items I let slip through my fingers" because I cannot tell you how many things I've loved but haven't got my hands on. Can I have a moment of silence for my continual missed wardrobe opportunities?

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