Dreaming in Leather

SS 14

SS14 by internally

In my opinion you can't go wrong with leather. Leather has so many permutations, it can be a shirt, bralet, skirt, trousers, jacket or shoes and it works like 90% of the time. These are my warmer weather looks. Don't wanna say spring or summer cause these would carry me through both seasons or they would if England didn't alternate between bright, yet icy windy days and grey, rainy days. These are my looks for nice, sunny springtime.  Goth at heart, I'd wear black all year round. I guess I'm kind of obsessed with leather because leather equals badass and I always have to look sexy but strong enough to kick your ass.



These are just a few more collages I made this week. I like how free I am to create this art. There is no expectation from anyone. It may not be perfect but it is my style and my vision. I used to be obsessed with making it perfect even though I wasn't really showing anyone. I'd post it online but it didn't really affect anyone so who was I really trying to impress. I never really consider my work to be art. It was just something I did. Online, people call these images graphics and to me graphics existed in a world separate from art. 

But what constitutes art? Does it have to be displayed in a gallery? Does it need to be seen by lots of people? Does it need to have outside approval? Do I have to make money off it? Does it have to be political? I don't claim to be an "proper" artist, I haven't studied art but I still call this art... collage art. These images are just creation for the sake of creation. Creation so I feel. I had been in a rut for a long time and hadn't made anything in photoshop because I was stressed out by the deadlines I'd given myself to complete memes and 30 day fandom challenges that become more about posting something each day than creating because I was inspired. I feel like I have the freedom and lack of restriction that lets me flow.



So yesterday I went to London to get tattooed and had a few hours to kill beforehand so I went to Westminster to see the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. This was the result. I tried to shoot some on film and but that turned out to be a fail and I wanted to see the result of those as well. I'm gonna have to have my camera looked at. Kinda sad about that. I like some images more than others and I see some flaws in some but you have to start somewhere and it'll help me later on to see how much I've grown. I think you start out only getting one or two really good shots and a bunch of bad ones and progress is when the ratio of good to bad slowly gets smaller and smaller. I just gotta keep plugging away at it. What do you think?



Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and among other things I got a film camera! It's the Canon AE-1 and I bought it off ebay for like £50. It came with a 50mm lens, a little bag, a strap and the manual. I'm super chuffed. Haven't tried it out yet, I'm kinda scared to, to be honest but once my film comes I'll have a go. I also got three books: Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson, Creative Black & White by Harold Davis and The Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman. I've flipped through the two photography books and I am already learning a lot. Can't wait to apply the techniques. As you know I love digital collaging and I've always wanted to try the physical equivalent, this is the first step towards that. It has some great inspirational images in it. I also got a tripod too which fits onto both my digital and film camera so that's awesome. It's super lightweight too.


Spring into White

I think monochrome or one colour outfits work best. I'm not one for lots of different bold colours all at once on me. So I'm usually all black all the time but over the past few years I've come to appreciate white especially all white. The platforms are an approximation of what I wanted to include but sadly those JC heels have already sold out. I went with the an updated version of the plain white tee. It's exaggerated collar and sheer body make it more interesting and way more me. I'm all about the sheer fabrics. The bustier dress is super sexy and eye catching. Definite night out attire. The skirt is also good for a night out or paired with the tee would create a sexy but casual day outfit. This cut out dress reminds me of a tennis dress but the cut outs give it enough "edginess" to make it daring enough for me. I've wanted a clear clutch for a long time and I think this one is super cute. I might insert a smaller white pouch just to keep prying eyes out but in a perfect world I'd just dump my essentials into it without fear. Do you like this combination of collaging in this wishlist or is it too much? I like it.

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