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ain't it fun

ain't it fun by internally

This outfit was inspired by Hayley Williams from Paramore in the video ain't it fun. It's the part when they are all in the car trying to set the world record for longest scream in a convertible. I fell in love with that whole scene, them driving along, music blaring, Hayley standing up, dancing and singing along. Perfect. I also adore her make up and of course her outfit. It's the kind of thing I think about a lot. You know, just being fun and carefree and creating memories. The shoes were my addition since you never see Hayley's. I think she would've worn something like this or some kind of black boot like docs. I just love creepers. Her outfit is very droog (A Clockwork Orange) inspired with the all white with black accents. I like that a lot.

Now as a long time Paramore fan (been here since the first album) I wasn't feeling the new sound when their self titled album came out but I was looking at this as a continuation of the Paramore I was used to listening to. The alt-rock, harder edged sound and this album is very different. Not better or worse, just different. I have yet to listen to it with unbiased ears so I will have to do that at some point but I do like ain't it fun, fast in my car and now so I'll see how I feel about the album as a whole. 



If StyleLikeU closet/video series didn't exist I'd want to create it myself. Elisa and Lily create intimate, interesting and respectful videos that showcase a multitude of different styles featuring bloggers, musicians and artists who are based in New York. Their videos explore the individual's point of view on style, fashion and gives a little overview on their life. I view each video is like a short film about a person through their fashion and here are a few of my favourite videos.

One of their most recent videos that has become a fast favourite of mine. Amy Van Doran is a matchmaker who is a one of kind beauty. I love how eccentric personalities are shown and how it's respectfully done. They aren't showing these people as a joke but real people who take risks and love their interesting styles. They show style in all it's facets not solely "trendy" fashionistas. People who view style as integral to their identity.

Nadia has been a favourite blogger of mine for a while so seeing this video only increased my love for her. Here she speaks about how style is more than just clothes you wear. It's a holistic thing and I agree with her point that you can mimic or imitate someone else's fashion (like buy the same clothes) but you can never truly emulate their style because is so much more than just fashion. I only wish the video had been solely Nadia but it's you can't have it all.

Karla is another blogger who I've loved for a long time. I like how simple the video is. This video is quite old but still has a charm about it. Karla makes the point about how she doesn't wear a tutu to gain attention but because it's what makes her comfortable and that is really important. I wish people could wear their style without comment from others.

Natalia Kills is one of my favourite singers. I love her commentary on the digital age and how we've changed (maybe for the worst because of it). Her style is always an inspiration, she's got that all black, goth glam look down and I love it to death. p.s. she recently just came out with a new music video which is amazing.



collage by me

All this week I had been trying to think what I was going to post and really I wanted more photography but I just couldn't find the time and I didn't have anything fashion related to say or any outfits to post so I felt stuck. I took this photo on my macbook and it pretty much captures my feeling about my lack of content this week. I was kind of upset that I let my blog down and disappointed that I couldn't find time to get out and find nice things to photograph. Part of it, is just not having my camera with me when I see shots to take which is why I want something more portable like an iPhone or a cheap film camera, part is not having the energy after work and the other part is the hideous weather the UK has been having. It's been stormy all week.

Anyway after taking that picture I opened photoshop and just let myself experiment and this is the result. I have always loved this kind of grungy, layered, multiple exposure collage kind of art. I love it both digitally and in the form of art journals/scrapbooking. I have ever since I first started using editing software like photoshop which was almost a decade ago. When I'm in the mood to create I usually look through my textures folders (which is well over a GB) and see what happens. Today I actually created something I liked in a relatively short space of time which makes me happy. I use polyvore, flickr and tumblr to find inspiration through collage makers and I love scrolling through their work. Some of thematic, some are abstract and all of them are unique and wonderful. I am going to start to integrate these into my blog. Do you like collage?


Leather Jacket

Topshop Jacket

I love leather. I think it's awesome in most forms and it will forever be synonymous with coolness. The leather item to have is the leather jacket. From bikers to rockers to leather lovers alike anyone can just slip on this jacket and instantly feel about 10 times cooler. If you check out polyvore you'll know I love adding a leather jacket to an outfit. It's easy and it just works. This topshop jacket is ok but it's more of a vessel, like an intermediate jacket that'll do for now but I want to find something better. I'm searching for that worn in, relaxed, loose fit leather jacket. I know exactly how I want it to look and feel and fit and I hope I find it probably find it in a vintage fair or charity shop.


Finger tattoos

images were found on tumblr
(if you want me to remove an image then just let me know)

I have two arm tattoos and I am already thinking about finger tattoos. I'm gonna fill up my arms, chest and legs first so this is just an idea for now. Hand and finger tattoos were never "extreme" to me because I am into body modification in a big way and probably accept more extreme mods than you'd think. Stretched septums and bifurcated genital piercings? No problem. Chest scarification? Totally cool. Face tattoo? You go for it. I am all for people doing what they want with their bodies. My aesthetic on finger tattoos is simple and minimalist. Lines, dots and simple outlines look perfect to me. I could see me getting something like that. For me tattoos are about art and enhancing my beauty or allowing me to see beauty where I felt there was none before. I cannot describe how good I feel when I see a finished piece on my body.


Motel Wants

I discovered Motel Rocks through Topshop. Motel are a concession in Topshop but they have come into their own and have a massive presence online. I love black (if you couldn't tell) and the first thing I chose was this beautiful stripe dress. Simple and bold it is the perfect "effortless" day dress. This with a leather jacket, creepers or badass boots and I'd be ready for the day. Speaking of effortless the catsuit is my take on the onsie trend. Maybe not as warm as a onsie but something I'd wear lounging paired with a slouchy cardigan, not sure about wearing it out of the house on it's own though. I would be more inclined to slip on some black skinny jeans and let the top half have the glory or pull on a cool jumper if leaving my comfy cocoon for the freezing weather outside.

Crop tops are always on my mind. It started with the 90s trend (which has been around for how long now?) and hasn't left yet. I'm always on the lookout for mesh and this crop top pairs the risqué fabric with a casual t shirt fit to create just enough "edge" to work for me. Put it with some jeans for a day look and pair it with a leather pencil skirt and dark lipstick for a glam night out look. Jeans, as Drew Barrymore said "I don't think I could make a wardrobe function without denim" I agree. I've been living in jeans for years and these put a spin on the usual beetlejuice leggings. I love that look too but sometimes I feel a little hipster-y and wanna be a little different. Do you like anything here?

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