I bought this shirt 3 years ago in a gift shop... in Banff on my way to the Rockies when I went to visit family in Canada. Since then it has become one of my favourite things to lounge around the house in. I love the vibrant colours against black and the fact that Banff sounds so much like BAMF which just makes it 10 times better. I have always loved multiple exposures and I didn't like these images individually so I put em together! It was all done digitally but I will master double/multiple exposure on film and then my blog will be plastered with it.


X Files

Shoes inspired by The X Files?! YES PLEASE. For the past 6 months I have been marathoning The X Files on netflix whenever I am off work. It is so perfect. I'm late on this bandwagon in terms of both The X Files and these shoes. But apparently the Scully's are coming back, huzzah! I hope I can grab some when they come back in May. So what can I say about these shoes? The Scully combines the elegance of ankle strap heels with the chunky, badassery of the 90s. Winning combination obviously and the Mulder? Don't think Mulder himself would be sporting these (but you never know) but they totally seem like the shoes Dana would wear trawling over the states in search of UFOs. I can just see them under her desk as she writes up her umpteenth entry into the X Files as she looks pensively into her computer screen. Both would be staples in my daily style giving me height and confidence to stop around in my life like the BAMF that I am.


Birthday Wishes

Canon AE-1, Canon 600d, Fujifilm Instax Mini 8.
(image credit, 1, 2, 3)

My birthday is in like 2 months and these are the things constantly running through my mind. I feel like I had all these cameras my bases would be covered to become a true photography enthusiast. First there is the film camera. I have always wanted to try film photography, I think it will help me value the importance of the shot. The permanence and tangibility of the shot will hopefully makes it seem more real and make me point and click with reason and not overshoot. I am going to treasure my film photos and hopefully find a cool way to display them all. I am super interested in black and white film photography, filters and multiple exposure photography, thanks in part to tancamera (check out her work/instagram she is amazing btw). I have always loved the look of grain on film so I hope to develop that aesthetic.

A proper entry level DSLR will let me develop my photography style, truly get to grips with understanding how a camera works and hopefully take as many outfit shots as possible utilising the shallow depth of field shots fashion bloggers have become synonymous with. I also want to start working on creative projects and this is the camera I want to use for them. I have wanted a DSLR before I even knew what it was because I already had that "high" level of visual set as my benchmark. I love the crispness it can give, the beauty they capture and of course the skill it takes to get a good shot. I want those skills.

Finally a polaroid camera for instant gratification, to remember that photography can be just for fun and also just to have a different type of outcome from a photograph. I think of polaroids much as I think of the app instagram. Instagram is for capturing real life in a cool way. Your photographs don't have to be super fancy or "artistic". It's for saving a moment like that day you looked really damn good, or that morning sky had some funky and cool colours in or you had a damn good lunch and you wanna take a picture of it. Here I would point and shoot without reason and hopefully capture happiness.

I intend to buy all of these... over time. I'm gonna invest in my talent.



I've recently been lusting after oversized coats lately and granted the baby pink and beige colours have been popular with bloggers and celebrities a like I felt this tweed coat was more me. I imagine it styled with a sheer black button up, skinny jeans and some statement boots like this outfit I posted on my polyvore. Are you still obsessed with the oversized trend or just over it?




Hello my name is Shari-Ann. This is my second time blogging. The first time I was more fashion based and things just did not work out for me. I created this blog as a place to share my photography. develop as a photographer, express my thoughts on fashion, music, movies and possibly some personal things. I'm trying to not pigeonhole my blog this time. There will be one - two posts a week here probably on the weekends. The layout will become better. I'm trying to learn the proper HTML for blogger layouts. I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you for stopping by.

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